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30 minutes by John S. Parker



Dark age by Michael Payne



They called it street food by Raffaele Grasso


Morituriosis by Jesse Dorian
Time, space, and the poet by John Turner
A girl's guide to vampirism by Jack Aupperle

Darkest Kelly by Catarina De Cèzanne
Elixir by Nicholas Di Valerio
Samu by Nicholas Di Valerio


Winter by Roberto Romano
Enter the room by Harry Waldman
Ivy by Diego Trovarelli

The gods method by Catarina De Cèzanne
Inkwell by Dante Mathias Choi Lundin
Deus ex machina by Gerald Schoelzel & Leonid Prymak
Fred by Andrea Cantafio & Livia Sisi
Pop! by Brian Gregory
Dry county by Kaido Strange
The price of greed by Sharron Miller
Adam & Eve by Filippo Lusiani
Lamia by Martina Selva
Burrow by Chloe Pirrie
Do unto others by Joseph Michael Leone
Hail santa by Joseph Michael Leone
Blood knot by Michael Greene
April and Mr. Stockman by Montgomery Burt
Cardboard box by Bernhard Riedhammer
Rock hard by M. Cordray
Southern hospitality by Kate Harbert
Marzipan by Theo Herghelegiu
The pickleball killer by Jim Carroll
Love according to eros by Sammy Kistell
Inversus by Gerald Schoelzel & Leonid Prymak
The four of us are dying by Jesse Dorian
Time, space & the poet - Part two by John Turner

The curse of the village without memory by Michele Azzarito & Roberto Pareschi
Once upon a time in Baghdad by Ahmed Alameen
The best years by Olga Fantò
Bearothic dinner by Francesco Poggi
First hit by Nicolò Grasso
That night by Olga Fantò
Il bambino by Mattia Barbati
Ti do un passaggio io by Roberto Pacini
Night's an odd day by Vincenzo Giordano
A long road ahead by Bernhard Riedhammer
The monkey by Keith Martin
Old school by Bernhard Riedhammer
Hotel solitudine by Pal Kolndrekaj
Devil in the dark by Michelle Dowlan
Confessor by Chris Hite
Pripyat by Alicia Hayes
Roadside by Alessandro Russo
Back to normal by Maurits Jacobs
Hell bent for leather by Robert Alan Wagner
Prodigium by Vincenzo Pandolfi & Filippo Santaniello
Adriatica by Alex Creazzi
Fino a farci scomparire by Eugenia Martino
L'angoscia by Francesco Maria La Barbera
On the last day by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
Barth by Scott Marshall Taylor
Acts of balance by Jamie Brooklyn
152 days by Giles Paley-Phillips & Elizabeth Morris
Sonoran by Jack Aupperle
Tippy by Michael Gerald Uva
Attention! by Sebastian Hagelstein
Murder on sunnyside by Gerald Schoelzel Schoelzel & Leonid Prymak
Souls without a sky by Alma Carrano
Two thieves and a kleptomaniac by Virginia Rotan Youngren
No address by Julia Verdin & James Papa
Come into the light by Viktoriia Zykina

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