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The Greek Passage by Lorenzo Guarnieri



Charlie and the Unexplained by Eric La Febre



Kate's Ballad by Rory O'Connor



ALT - Long-term archive by Raffaele Grasso



The Greek Passage by Lorenzo Guarnieri


Level Up by Jason Skorski


Charlie and the Unexplained by Eric La Febre


Loves Lies And Tarots by Roberto Ciotti
Level Up by Jason Skorski
2nd Date by Jaik Andino
Bad Love Tigers by Kevin Schewe
High Stone by Jim Menza


End of days by Danny Alex
Dreamcatchers by Felicity Bolitho & Anton Ballard
Mirella by Gregory Fields
Something in the Way of Day by JP Morselli
All Will Turn Out Fine by Cristina Rodríguez Graetsch



Here's My Card by Oscar Ballyvolane
Room Service by Nieves Garcia Perchin
Youth & Age Flower by András Attila Farkas
ALT - Long-term archive by Raffaele Grasso
Genre Flick by Thom Hilton

Wapasha by Giacomo Paoli & Guido Landini
Phases of the Moon by Francesca Florentyna O'Hop
Uno scrittore nell’oscurità by Giuseppe De Vuono
Nota Bene by Miriam Devitt
Ill by Juan Guglieri
In Sign of my Love by Emanuele La Placa
Raw Seafood by Daniele Curtò
Sweetbreads by Fred Perry
The Dedicated Physician by Michael Volpe & Andrew M. Volpe
Waking Up From a Nap on a Long Day of Doing Nothing by Thom Hilton
Back Pockets on Tight Jeans by Thom Hilton
The Divine by Clemente Esparza II
Edgar and the Undead by Montgomery Burt
Candelabra by Shannon Ama Phelan
She Will Never Learn by Shannon Ama Phelan
Not Forgotten by Wendy Eiben
Hawthorne – Betrayals by Scott Bastedo
Cointelpro Now by Carlos Dorsey
Pur Hwerydh by Ceri Thomas-Davies
Burn by Christopher James O’Bryant
Black Ocean by Francesca Florentyna O'Hop
Cello and Blue Wine by Sasha Korolko
A Soulless Man Story by Emanuele La Placa
Master Speesa! by Rosie Malek-Yonan & Monica Malek-Yonan
Angels & Monsters by Christopher Ellis
Sonoran Saints by John Joseph Sollecito & Jeffrey I Hoppenstand
Obadiah by Tony Schweikle
The Night I Died by Jim Menza
Kill Me by Jim Menza
Capri by Michael J. Dunker

A rose petal (in the dark gray of the storm) by Pasquale Fresegna
I Dream Analyze Genie by David Creighton
Potrebbero amarsi by Alessandro Comandatore
Divergence by David Bunting & James McKay
Pausa Pranzo by Davide Lo Schiavo & Claudia Palermiti
Exposures by Rich Underwood
AM by Rich Underwood
Road Kill by Peter Gould
Singer by Katarzyna Adamus
War Games by Gian Piero Rotoli
Lifeline by Seymour Zeynalli
Off-Key! by Claudio De Santis
Lab Partners by Tommy Britt
Gayatri by Rama Sardar
I Hope to Keep by Gianni Rocco Cardinale
Living in the past by Bernhard Riedhammer
Farm Club by Joe Leone
Call of the jackals by Andrei Stefan Rautu
The promised land by Giuseppe Rasi
Ticket to Ride by Trevor L. Poole
Blueprint by Hannah Noel Swayze
The Seagull by Jorge Patino
The Resume by Amr Barakat
Level One by Kelsey Jonikas
Beacon by Kelsey Jonikas
Kaitātaki by Walter Cheng
The Night of Counting the Stars by Frank Roselli
Bull And Bear-A Love story by David Healy
Wendhes Wildman by Kim Lozelle
Herbert West - Reanimator: "Miskatonic" by Paul Grammatico
Andromeda by Lauryn Green
Madness by Clemente Esparza II
Curl Ling by Carl Burcham
Bullet Proof Money by David Healy
John Sunshine's Lost Rock 'N Roll Tapes by David J. Keogh & Alice Wells
Carnivores by Grace Merrill
The Rewilders by Steve Garry
Time, Space, And The Poet by John Turner
Time, Space & the Poet - Part Two by John Turner
Inviolable by Devin Dugan
Still Life by Eric Serrano
The Lucky Undies by Mari Assad
Adventurekid by Edward Janis Gusts
You And What Army by Jim Menza
Nodi by Andrea Colzani
Summer's End by Alessandro Stisci
Oreb&Zeeb by Giacomo Seca
The ark of memory by Giovanni Mondelli
Le mutande del cavalier Ziliani by Ernesto Giuntini
Quiet Ones by Stephen Schroeder
Family Embers by Carlo Colecchia
The Burden Of The Past by Carlo Del Fiorentino
Ashawo by Enrico Paolo Scarabelli

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